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Prof. Dr. Narada Kush - Vedic Meditation Teacher - Kush Meditation

With Prof. Narada Kush

Vedic Meditation is an ancient Indian technique, which has been developed thousands of years ago and brought the same unbelievable benefits for millions of people.

Prof. Dr. Narada Kush - Vedic Meditation Teacher - Kush Meditation

With Prof. Narada Kush

“If you, like me, have an intrinsic desire to personally find a deeper, unshakable source of peace, trust, compassion and truth, that is always available to you whatever life’s circumstances and challenges? Then I invite you to discover this source within yourself through meditation. This infinite source is available to everyone. It is who you really are. You just have to learn and practice the simple technique of VM and discover it for yourself. ”

– Malcolm Smith, MBA, entrepreneur

Did you know? According to the research of Tim Ferriss, 80% of super successful people meditate every day, and most of them practice Vedic Meditation. Keep reading to find out the benefits, you can also experience!

What is Vedic Meditation?


No practice works the same way, nor has it been found through scientific research to produce the same holistic benefits as Vedic Meditation techniques.


Vedic Meditation can cure a variety of physical and mental diseases, while ultimately connects one's active mind with its silent source and improves consciousness.


While practicing, you don't have to hum or concentrate on visions. The process of Vedic Meditation is effortless, peaceful and pleasant.


The technique is very simple to learn and practice for anyone. No equipment, nor special conditions are required to experience the benefits. You can do it at home.


The American Heart Association recommends Vedic Meditation as it is effective for normalizing blood pressure and reducing the chance of heart attack.


The technique originally stems from the age of the Vedas. It has been present for thousands of years and worked the same way for millions of people.

Countless Benefits

Hundreds of scientific publications were issued on the benefits of Vedic Meditation. It has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits that you can also experience. Among others:

Why Prof. Narada Kush?

Narada became a Vedic Meditation teacher 40 years ago and he is one of the most authentic teachers in Vedic Sciences in the world.

As soon as he discovered Vedic Meditation he quit his successful legal career and he bet his life on helping other people to discover, what also changed his life: the Wisdom of the Vedas.

In the past 40 years, he guided thousands of people in Vedic Meditation. He was many times appointed to teach in universities all around the world and he has several publications and books about Vedic sciences, as well. 

“I respect all traditions of wisdom which are focused primarily on the wellbeing of all people in the world. From the highly-civilized Vedic tradition of wisdom have come many practical tools which I have tested and applied. They provide us with the instruments to powerfully deepen our inner experience of Being and to seek and develop unconditional love for others. It is my opinion that the beauty of life is treasured in these ancient values and applications.”


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